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  • Our smtp connectors are down too. As of Thursday, they disappeared. We have 35 datasets and rely on these every day. Here is the before and after:
  • Publishing as a slideshow works great, however the AppleTV does not have a native web browser. I am afraid there isn't a good solution for this. I am surprised Domo doesn't build an AppleTVOS app. Would take too much work and it would give a lot of utility to offices.
  • This explanation makes sense and I did re-develop the workflow, but it already took 20 minutes to run and is still running. So my questions are: * Why yesterday when I first ran it, it worked, only took 31 seconds, but today it didn't work with nothing changed. Maybe the reason is Domo stability? * When I am in workflow, I…
  • Thanks for getting back to me fast! I have researched the Creating index article and found that adding index mainly helps when we are using join and the joined columns are indexes. However, here I am using a cross join which there is no where clause, so it seems that adding index does not help a lot. Below is my query:…
  • Thank you, it works! Now it's feasible to create gradient color like formatting. But when I schedule the workflow to update after the input data updated, it takes more than 1 hour and finally failed. Do you have any idea to speed it up? Thanks, Jingwen
  • Thanks for replying. I am afraid this option will not work for me as I need to know value before adding the condition. I want a color for the cell compared to the other cells, not a value. To be specific, the example you sent does this (which will not work for me) For Cells 0, 5, -5 If >0 = Green If <0 = Red If = 0 =…