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  • Are you running your data sets incrementally or all at once? For me, I started noticing my numbers were inconsistent about 2 months ago. If I look back 2 days and run once per day, I get the accurate number. Downside is the data is two days old versus going into GA and seeing real-time number.
  • Hi @jaeW_at_Onyx , you are correct. I am trying to collect metrics for all my videos ever published. I am mainly taking this approach because Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, etc. provide data this way. Facebook gives daily stats for videos published 5 years ago even if they are only generating 2-5 views a day.…
  • Hi Jae, Thank you for responding. My organization has published over 1300 videos over several years. The YouTube API has a limit of 500 videos that it will pull at any given time. The past few years we have published 200-400 videos per year. So, if I don't include parameters to divide by publish year, then many videos will…
  • I have been doing one SQL UPDATE statement in separate SQL Transforms by the hundreds, but I have several hundreds more to add. That's why I'm looking for a more efficienct way of doing this. I'm not a developer but am acting like one in a small company environment. In the corproate world in prior experiences, my role was…
  • Thank you, @jaeW_at_Onyx. I had seen the second example in Stack Overflow, but I had never used that format before. When I used an Oracle database in a previous job, the ETL folks would tell me to write out each update statement line by line, which doesn't work in Domo. Thanks again.
  • Hello Neeti, the Facebook issue ended up being a Domo bug. It was fixed about 10 days ago. Thanks!
  • Hi Neeti, Thanks again for your response. My Facebook Business Account is set to "Admin", and in Domo I am an "Admin". I am the only one who has connected to Facebook Advanced datasets. Everything was working for months until 12 March. I've read both Domo documentation as well as Facebook Developer information, but I don't…
  • Thank you for the response, Neeti. Unfortunately, I don't think that link addresses my problem. My issue is with Facebook Advanced and permission settings and not Facebook Ads Advanced and adding new campaigns.
  • Hi @Neeti, I'm not sure what you are asking. The scheduler I'm referring to is the one at the end of a dataset for any source to automate runs (see screenshot). In the attached screenshot, the numbers show up when I first open up the Scheduling section because it's giving me the real-time time. But when I enter in updated…
  • Thank you for your response. It's kind of sad that Google is one of the strictest when it comes to how much data you can extract, but then they don't have a way to filter out published dates that didn't exist 6 months ago. For now, I am creating datasets for every 30 days and then writing SQL to exclude any published dates…
  • Thanks Jarvis. I discovered this as well over the weekend. I just wrote instructions here for how to access Instagram data but then Domo said the link was broken and I lost the response :( I will try to post something later for others who may be interested. Basically, Instagram allows users to access IGTV Series in the…
  • Thank you! I'll reach out to my CSM.
  • I just want contacts who are 12M+ "inactive". In my dataset, it's possible 2018 contacts could also be in 2019 and these would be "active" (recent) contacts.