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  • Scott, I agree that more customizability on drill paths would potentially solve this problem and would be a very nice-to-have on its own. We also have run into situations where we would like a click on one portion of a chart or table generate a different drill path than another. However, the thought here is that this would…
  • I have a great example for this use case: I want to calculate compliance as defined by submission days within a chosen date range. This calculation is as simple as: # of days with a submission/# of days in the card's (currently selected) date range I can't do this unless I can call to the selected date range and return the…
  • THIS! I need to calculate a compliance rate and need to use the date range the card is currently set to in the beastmode calculation for compliance. This can't be done with current features.
  • Thanks for the advice. I think for now I will need to just grind them out. Hopefully this feature can be added soon.
  • Yeah, my cards are all already built. I just am in the process of painstakingly duplicating drillpaths across the cards. Very tedious. This needs a real solution. My colleague also just pointed out that if you like a fancy drill path you have created, there is also no way to make it into a standalone card without…
  • Arav, It sounds like what you need to do is run your file through a dataflow to remove duplicate rows every time it is uploaded and/or perhaps do a mysql transformation to tell it to keep only the most recent records in cases where there has been an update. I hope that helps!
  • I also have this issue. Clicking on certain calculated columns for drilling causes errors so limiting the drill path to one column is crucial. I am assuming since this has been in limbo for weeks that there is no solution to this?