Beast Mode Calculation Timing Out in Card

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Beast Mode Calculation Timing Out in Card

Have you guys had any problems with a Card Timing out using a Beast Mode calculation.  


I wonder if my dataset is too large (338M rows).  I'm doing a Count Distinct on a CustomerID.  The card spins and then generates an error message: 


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Hi , can you post the actual beastmode formula you are using as well as what type of chart it is and the fields you are including and time period selected. a screenshot would help , of course you can hide numbers and sensitive data before posting it.

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I know Domo has a time limit for calculations. If the query can't run quickly they kill it to keep all other cards/dashboards loading. 


COUNT(DISTINCT) is probably the worst performant aggregate function. It is just so awesome. I can imagine that if anything was going to kill a card it would be COUNT(DISTINCT). 


Sometimes I've had to restructure my data to only have one row for each thing I am counting to avoid the need for the distinct. Then when you drill in I have the drill paths using a different dataset that still has all the granular rows of data. So the TOP card is simple and performant, and the drill cards usually are filtered by something you clicked on the top card and so they still work.

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I'm getting the same error after I apply the beastmode to my card


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