CSS Span doesn't look right- Table/Checkbox formats

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CSS Span doesn't look right- Table/Checkbox formats

I am having an issue where I put a CSS code with span and color and in checkbox and in the tables with sorting now it doesn't come out right - it shows the code not the actual language and highlight.  Here's the code I use:


when `Type` = 'Backup' THEN CONCAT('NORM', ' ' , ' <span style="background-color:#DDA0DD;display:block">','<font color=#01040A>','backup','</span>')


What looks like: 


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Hi @DJP,


It seems like there is no way to override the CSS that Domo has on a checkbox.  I know you can add CSS on a summary or adding graphics, links, or images on table cards.



If you really need to format the checkbox, then I'd suggest creating a custom app.



I hope this helps!

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