Create Data that does not exist

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Create Data that does not exist

Hey all, I am working with some usage data for some of our products. What I am trying to do is be able to flag if there is zero usage on a account. our daily files only include usage but not if there is no usage. I have contract End dates that I can use to say something like if contract is active  with no usage pull that data in, but what I am having issues on is being able to find those zero usage accounts because there are no data points. Any thoughts?


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Re: Create Data that does not exist

Hi @kacy 


If you have a contract start date and end date and you're looking at the dates in between you'll need to join your usage table to a date dimension table. Domo has a dataset of Dates (Cloud App > Domo Dimensions > calendar.csv). You can select the date from the date dimension table and left join it to your usage table. This will give you all the dates between two dates along with the count or null if there are no records (you can use coalesce to force these to 0).


Rough example:

SELECT d.`Date`, COALESCE(u.`Count`) as "Count"
from `Dates` d
left join `Usage` u on u.`Date` = d.`Date`


You could also do this within MagicETL using the appropriate tiles.


Since you have contract start and end dates you may want to restrict the entries further so that you don't have dates for a contract outside the contract dates.

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Re: Create Data that does not exist

@kacy  in order to analyze usage, particularly in the context of 'no usage', you have to have two pieces of data


1) a list of all the product contracts (it sounds like you have a start date and end date) -- one row per contract

2) a list of daily usage (it sounds like you get that already) -- one row per day the contract is used.


Once you have those two things, you can modify your list of contracts as @GrantSmith described except, when you JOIN to the date dimension you'll JOIN on a BETWEEN clause


CREATE TABLE contract_daily




contract c


date d

ON between c.contractStartDate and c.contractEndDate


This will blow out your contract table into one row for each day the contract was active.

You can then LEFT JOIN contract_daily to your contract_usage




CASE when cu.contractID is null then 'Not Used' else 'Used' END


contract_daily cd


contract_usage cu


cd.contractID = cu.contractID

and = cu.contractUsageDate


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Re: Create Data that does not exist

Thanks both! I will give this a try


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