Filter Aggregate field work around?

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Filter Aggregate field work around?


My delema is that I have a Start Date, Phone numbers, and a #Max Call field for particular campaigns. What I need to do, is figure out the count of a single phone number called with a certain start date and see if it ends up exceeding the max call nummber. 

I actually managed to do this in a table with

when `Wireless_Flag`='YES' and (COUNT(`Phone_Number`))>(SUM(`WirelessAttempts`))
then 'Flag'
else 'Clear'


So it tells me if a particular phone number was called greater than the max number in was supposed to within a particular campaign... and "flags" it. This is an aggregated field... So I am not able to filter it to only "Flag'. 


But I want a table of ONLY the flags. Is this at all possible?

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Re: Filter Aggregate field work around?

This is a beast mode, right?  In it you're trying to compare a single row of data to a conditional aggregated value.  Beast mode doesn't like that kind of comparison. It likes columns vs columns or aggregations vs aggregations.

You'd have to bring the data into a dataflow to get the counting (find the count then apply it to the rows), then in the card's beast mode you can do a column comparison, which you can use in a filter.

Let me know if I'm way off base or this doesn't make sense.

MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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