How to manage with BigQuery dataset

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How to manage with BigQuery dataset



I have to work on BigQuery dataset and I would like to know what is the more efficient way to structured data into DOMO ?

Some fields are ok but some are aggregated and not understand by DOMO. For example, geo field is aggregated like that


[FieldValue{attribute=PRIMITIVE, value=Europe}, FieldValue{attribute=PRIMITIVE, value=France}, FieldValue{attribute=PRIMITIVE, value=Normandy}, FieldValue{attribute=PRIMITIVE, value=Valognes}, FieldValue{attribute=PRIMITIVE, value=Western Europe}, FieldValue{attribute=PRIMITIVE, value=(not set)}]


How did you manage your data coming from BigQuery ?


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Re: How to manage with BigQuery dataset

Hi Dojo User,


Each use case with this connector is customer-specific/dataset-specific. Could you please open a Domo Support case & provide us with links to your dataset in Domo, with a brief description of the data in your dataset & what you are expecting to extract from it. Below I have linked our Domo KB Articles alongside the BQ API docs. 


"Domo+Google BigQuery Connector"


"Big Query API"


*Please review the documentation above^ to help you better understand the Domo+Google BQ Connector you are working with today. 


Please let me know if you have any other concerns at this time by replying to this message with any additional insights or questions that may arise.

Thank You,
- RR

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