Join two dataset with count from another table

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Join two dataset with count from another table

SELECT `A`.*,(Select COUNT(*) from `B` WHERE `peoplesoft_india_attrition`.`OU`=`B`.`OU` and `A`.`Job Code`=`B`.`Job Code` and `A`.`Date`=`B`.`LAST_DATE_WORKED` and `B`.`Separation Category`='Voluntary') As Voluntary_Count from `A`

Hi All,


I am trying to join two dataset keeping one intact and from another based on row data i am trying to pull the count. So there are couple of condition in the first database that it needs to meet to then go and use the same against another table and get the count. I am not able to get the right output here. i want to populate more columns here as well later post voluntary.


can anyone help?

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Re: Join two dataset with count from another table

What tables are A and B?


Try something closer to this I think.  This will likely still need some corrections, based on your situation.

,COUNT(b.*) as voluntary_count
a LEFT JOIN b on
a.`OU` = b.`OU`
and a.`Job Code` = b.`Job Code`
and a.`Date`= b.`LAST_DATE_WORKED`
and b.`Separation Category` = 'Voluntary'

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