Rename the week # for the X-axis

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Rename the week # for the X-axis

I have a bar graph showing data point in a weekly basis. I did graph the chart by week so the x-axis is showing week #1, Week #2 and so on. When the week # gets bigger it gets harder for people to know which week lands on which month. Is there anyway to relabel the week # to say week 27 of June 28th with a beast mode? or some other functionality that I was not aware of?


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Re: Rename the week # for the X-axis

I don't believe you can change formatting in Analyzer's Graph By methods.

What you can do is build your own beast mode


concat(  'Week ', week(date), ...)


Personally I avoid implementing Week in beast modes b/c every organization has a slightly different definition for when Week 1 starts.  (  So make sure you use the correct Mode and test the start and end of years. 


When I do consulting work for clients, I implement a date dimension to prevent confusion in card building and create recyclable datasets.

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