Replace in SQL

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Replace in SQL

I have a column which is bringing in some field values in between crotchets or square brackets [ ] and also in between inverted commas " " BUT not all values come through like this.


I am trying to write a SQL to drop the [ ] and " " in the front and back of the values.


im using  REPLACE(REPLACE(`COLUMN NAME`, '[', ' '), ']', ' ');


But it isnt working. 


Can anyone assist?

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Re: Replace in SQL

The use of the Substring function might be of better use here. Here a link to the Knowledge Base article for the correct syntax of the function:


You can also use the Replace Text tile in the Magic ETL if you want to go about it a way other than SQL. 


Let me know if either of these work for you!

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Re: Replace in SQL



This should replace [ ] and " accordingly.


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