Replacement Variables in Amazon Athena Connector Queries

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Replacement Variables in Amazon Athena Connector Queries


I am new to Domo and struggling with Append mode updates in the Amazon Athena JDBC 2.0 Connector.

I have managed to get a base query running to pull data out of Athena correctly.

Now, I am trying to parameterise the query to Athena to only append a subset of rows which have been added since the last time the query ran. 

My understanding is that I should be able to use a WHERE clause like:

WHERE date_parse(SUBSTRING(timestamp, 1, 19), '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%i:%s') > !{lastvalue:timestampasdatetime}!

which I am hoping would look in the last row of the data already in the table and find the timestampasdatetime column of that row and then use that value in the where clause of the next query to the same Athena table.


However, this does not seem to work. It looks like the !{lastvalue:timestampasdatetime}! is not being replaced  with a proper value before being sent to Athena. 


Can anyone advise how I can make this work?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Replacement Variables in Amazon Athena Connector Queries

Hi @rhardy ,


Here's some more info on the append method - you'd probably want upsert enabled for this connector to achieve what you're looking for, as it's available for the connector:


Here is documentation on the Amazon Athena connector -

I hope this helps!

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