Stacker and Dates

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Stacker and Dates

We have a stacker dataset

And I noticed the beast mode formula comparing different timeframe comparisons is not right (the result, that is)

And my theory is Domo is interpreting the beast mode formula in UTC timezone

My data is in PST


I am using a connector, not workbench


Now, my questions

1. is there a way in Domo to take the data as is? ie somewhere in admin settings etc

2. in the webform, is there a way to set the Date column, as Date format, not the Date time format, my guess is - doing it this way, might solve the problem





Edit: I found something in the admin setting, and I changed the timezone to PST, but the beast mode is still not correctly pulling the previous timeframe data



Re: Stacker and Dates

Hi all,


Can anybody help @newbie with their question?


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Re: Stacker and Dates

for everybodys reference, its not actually Domo interpreting the timezone as UTC, but the beastmodes that we used did not acccount for leap year

We just updated the beastmodes, so its leap year proof Smiley Happy


when year(`Date`) = year(current_date())-1 and dayofyear(`Date`) < DAYOFYEAR(SUBDATE(CURRENT_DATE(),interval 1 year)) then `Count` end)

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