Version Control for Dataflows via GitHub

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Version Control for Dataflows via GitHub

Hey Community, 

I am trying to find out if any of you have tried to Version Control your Dataflow transforms via GitHub? I can pull and access the data through the Domo CLI, but I would like to use GitHub centrally at my organization and make changes to Domo through this service. If this is possible please let me know. 



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Re: Version Control for Dataflows via GitHub


you can use the JavaCLI to get list-dataflow and get the details of a dataflow.  This will give you a JSON definition of the entire dataflow which you could then send to a github repository.  you can also alter the JSON blob and send it back to Domo via API to update a dataflow ... but that can get tricky fast.


go to Admin > tools > downloads to download the java cli.  

in terminal launch the .jar file with 

java -jar domoUtil.jar


then type help to see a list of commands.

the one you're interested will be list-dataflows.  pass the -i parameter to get information about a specific dataflow.


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