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Re: add leading zero

at first glance it looks like there are just 3 rows which have bank_id's with less than 8 digits

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Re: add leading zero

If the number is that small, I would recommend filtering out those values first.  Here are the steps you would need to add:

First, add a filter before the "String Operation" where we created the LPAD field1.png




Second, you need to apply the opposite filter so that you only include the three values that don't need 9 digits:3.png




(make sure that you change the setting to include rows that meet "any" of the rules


Third, you need to add a column to the bottom data table that matches the name you created earlier (LPAD in your case).  I used "Text_pad" in my sample.  It just needs to be the same name.5.png



Fourth, use "Set Column Value" to map the values from your bank_id field to the new field:6.png



Fifth, Append the two data tables:7.png



Then your output will look something like this:8.png



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Re: add leading zero

so I believe the card is correct now, problem I'm running into now is the data in this table has to be exported to a CSV, which is then dropping the leading zeroes.

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Re: add leading zero

Are you opening the csv file in excel?  Excel drops the leading zeros.  Open the file in notepad or another text editor and you should see the leading zeros in your csv file.

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