number of days in a month

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number of days in a month


I have a monthly amount that I need to spread equally over the number of days in the month. The data looks like this:

Month       Value
01-Jan-2012 100000
01-Feb-2012 121002
01-Mar-2012 123123
01-Apr-2012 118239

I have to spread the Jan amount over 31 days, the Feb amount over 29 days and the March amount over 31 days. So I can graph it by Day and by an average. Help.

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Re: number of days in a month


So you can calculate the average daily amount by doing something like this:


`Value` / DAY(LAST_DAY(`Month`))

That will convert each month value to the last day of said month and then strip the day value from it. 


So it would be 100000/31 for January and 121002/28 for February etc..


Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.



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