Best of August 2019!

Dojo Admin

August witnessed some healthy contributions!


@Ashleigh delivered 4 solutions on 31 posts, receiving 13 likes giving 10 while suggesting 1 new idea!


@guitarhero23  delivered 4 solutions on 30 posts receiving 15 likes while giving 20 likes and suggesting 2 new ideas!


@cwolman  delivered 4 solutions on only 11 posts receiving 9 likes while giving 8


@ST_-Superman-_ delivered 2 solutions on 22 posts receiving 20 likes while giving 7 


All of the following members delivered 1 solution each: @n8isjack @tadashii @user16102 @PhillyB @Godiepi @Domo_Rocks @user10653 @user17569 @AS @YUDAI @ChrisJo @avataraang 


@Jeffsnake also had 13 likes received.


Great contributions everyone thanks!