Best of January 2018!

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Greetings and Happy 2018!!!


@Valiant has kicked off the New Year with a bang!!!

  • 54 Posts
  • 9 Solutions
  • 50 Likes received
  • 42 Likes given
  • 1 Idea submitted
  • 3 Idea comments

Whoa Nellie that is AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!


@ST_-Superman-_ was there as well with an amazing month!

  • 29 Posts
  • 8 solutions
  • 40 Likes received
  • 22 Likes given
  • 1 Idea 
  • 1 Idea comment

@Tomo delivered 4 solutions on 21 posts receiving 26 likes, giving 30 and posting 4 ideas.

@XervaMason delivered 4 solutions on 15 posts while receiving and giving 12 likes each.

@RGranada had another strong month with 2 solutions on 20 posts with 13 likes received! He also moved up the ranks to now earn his Major Brown Belt, Congratulations!!!

@AS also had another strong month with 2 solutions on 20 posts with 11 likes received! He also moved up the ranks to now earn his Red Belt, Congratulations!!!

@Marc_H delivered 2 solutions on 12 posts receiving 13 likes and giving 12.

@bdetcher delivered 3 solutions on 6 posts

@cbishop delivered 2 solutions on 4 posts


@Boudrel1@user03757@TargetDataGuy@Godiepi@Im_Data all delivered 1 solution each thank you! Congrats to @Godiepi for earning his Major Blue Belt! and to @Godzilla for earning his Brown Belt!


@DataSquirrel led all members with 7 ideas posted receiving 12 likes

 @ユーザー07557 had 6 solutions with 23 likes received 

@DataMaven had 9 posts, 3 ideas posted and received 15 likes

@amundsnw had 4 ideas receiving 2 likes

@Zatoichi had 3 ideas posted receiving 4 likes


Finally, a shout out to @guitarhero23 who posted 24 times receiving 8 likes and giving 6.


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We are looking forward to another great VIP award ceremony!


Thank you all and regards,