Best of July 2019!

Dojo Admin

Greetings and my apology for the delayed blog!


July was a string month to kick off the Summer holiday season.


@guitarhero23  led all members with 43 posts, delivering 7 solutions, receiving 21 likes while giving 10!


@ST_-Superman-_ also delivered 7 solutions on 34 posts receiving 28 likes while giving 23 and suggesting 1 new idea.


@NewsomSolutions was a string contender delivering 6 solutions on 21 posts while receiving 12 likes and giving 7 likes.


@tadashii delivered 2 solutions on 12 posts receiving 6 likes while receiving 2 likes


@viklas also delivered 2 solutions on only 5 posts received 4 likes while giving 2 likes


All of the following members delivered one solution each in July: @honda  @user16945 @robertc @AnnK @Jarvis @Godiepi @user18610 @elvis0838 @Ashleigh and @user02879 


Other top contributors of note with more than 10 posts:

@meadow_ryan @Cartergan 


As well as these members with more than 10 likes received:

 @Jeffsnake with 21 @YogoKoyama  12, @LP  and @WizardOz with 10 likes each!


Thanks all for the great collaboration!

Keep it going!