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Best of July 2017!

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin on ‎08-07-2017 05:06 PM

Greetings, July was another very string month in Dojo! 


@RGranada had an EPIC month and broke some records in Dojo posting 100 times!!He delivered 13 solutions, received 49 likes while giving 43 likes and suggesting 1 idea. His contributions have now earned him a Dojo Blue Belt, CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Other big contributors in July were:


@tomo who delivered 5 solutions on 27 posts, received 34 likes and gave 10 likes and suggested 5 ideas. He also earned his Dojo Purple belt! Congratulations!!!

@AS with 4 solutions only 7 posts, had 15 likes received and 7 likes given

@DBandrew delivered 4 solutions on 16 posts, gave and received 8 likes

@swagner posted 28 times delivering 1 solution, received 29 likes while giving 22 and suggested 2 ideas

@Scott-Thompson posted 17 times delivered one solution, received 15 likes gave 8 and suggested 2 ideas.


Congratulations guys!!


Other solution providers with one each: 


















Top liked authors were led by  ぐっさん with 39 likes! while all the following had more than 10:


@Kaushik@KateVanBuskirk@SeanPT@honda@cmarutzky@kwmier@amak24@RobynLinden, and @AvecWizard


Top liked givers were: @Hua with 63, @KateVanBuskirk 56 and @RGranada with 43!


51 Ideas were received in July leading the way were:

@KateVanBuskirk and @tomo with 5 each

@Kurbz and ぐっさん with 3 each

@swagner@Scott-Thompson@kwmier@jonathanlooker@cmarutzky@humpherys@nruts36 and @AshfordMH all delivered 2 ideas.


The following all suggested one idea!




Thanks everyone for the tremendous collaboration and content creation in July! Let's keep it going in August!

We have an improved UI coming for September, stay tuned for an even better Dojo experience in desktop and mobile!



Best of June 2017!

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Best of June 2017!


Best of May 2017!

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Best of May 2017!


Best of April 2017!

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Best of April 2017!


Best of March 2017!

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Best of March 2017!


Best of February 2017!

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Best of February 2017!


Best of January 2017!

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Best of January 2017!


Best of December 2016!

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Best of November 2016!

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Best of November 2016!


Best of October 2016!

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Best of October 2016!


Best of September 2016!

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Best of September 2016!


Best of August 2016!

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Best of August 2016!


Best of July 2016!

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Best of July 2016!


Best of June 2016!

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Recognizing our top Dojo contributors in June 2016!


Best of May 2016!

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Recognizing our top Dojo contributors in May 2016!


Best of April 2016

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Recognizing our top Dojo contributors in April 2016!


Best of March 2016

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Recognizing our top Dojo contributors in March 2016!


Top Dojo VIPs at Domopalooza!

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin on ‎04-15-2016 12:53 PM

Congratulations to all the Dojo VIPs and Contest winners most of whom were able to join us at Domopalooza!


Dojo Top Solution Author- @Godzilla

Dojo Ideation Champion @Dan

Dojo Ideation Champion- @RobynLinden

Dojo Most liked Author- @cmarkum

Dojo VIPs; @pliu@Johnf@nlombardini @ckatzman@Shevy@GIriarte

Dojo Contest winners; @mbrady@CantStopTheHopp@Godiepi@smaiolo@jfestejo0614 & @tmullins

Domo: @DaniBoy@product_John@mattchandler@markdelorey





Thank you!


Best of February 2016

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February witnessed another very engaging month for our Dojo in addition to announcing the winners in our first ever contest.


@Godzilla returned to top form delivering 9 solutions, posting 19 times and receiving 10 likes. In addition he is our first Dojo Domo customer to earn his purple belt in the Dojo, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


@Godiepi ran a very close second delivering 6 solutions, 18 posts and receiving 15 likes. Great job and congratulations.


The following members all delivered 1 solutions each @cr1ckt@cmarkum@Shevy@Kung-fu_Panda@CantStopTheHopp@pliu@czmudzinski@btamm@Zach@at8808@PLaPlant and @yamas. Thanks everyone and congratulations!!


@cr1ckt led everyone with 9 ideas in addition to his 12 posts, followed by @tc with 4, @Dan and @srosen with 3 each.@RobynLinden@nlombardini@newbie all had 2 each.


@magicdust led all members giving 39 likes to others in February!


March is going to be awesome with Domopalooza 3 weeks away! We will be honoring and recognizing our most valuable Dojo members at the conference as well as all of our contest winners at a VIP lunch. More surprises are in store and I will post pictures of those honored in my next blog.


Thanks again to all for the great dialogue in the Dojo.


Finally, a big shout out to our @product_John and his team for moving the needle and reviewing the great ideas that all of our customers have submitted. We have almost 50 ideas that have either been approved and or deployed in product. If you have not had a chance to participate check out the ideas exchange here.





PS Don't forget to drop by Domo Dojo day 1 week from today to get real time replies from our employees who will be hanging out in the Dojo for 8 hours. This is your chance to get answers to some of the really tough questions.

Best of January 2016!

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My apologies for posting this blog late. January was a very exciting month and kick off to 2016. We witnessed greater traffic and engagement reaching new highs in a number of areas. More importantly we had greater breadth of engagement across our Domo customer base in some part due to our first contest that we ran in January.


Here are the leaders for January:


Accepted Solutions@CantStopTheHopp led all members delivering 3 solutions while @ckatzman delivered 2. All of the following @Kung-fu_Panda@MReznick@Godzilla@magicdust@HelenOBrien@Mike_Gall@SLamba@Jim_Medina, @canioacaputo@Duc, @gush@stahuram delivered 1 solution . Thank you!


Likes received@GIriarte led the pack with 34 likes received and the second highest number of posts with 16. @Dan & @RobynLinden were a close second and third receiving 26 and 24 likes respectively. @cmarkum@RosanneBroersma@Godiepi@jfestejo0614@jeaninejiang@pliu @Shevy all received more than 10 likes each some of which were votes for the great contest entries made!


Ideas:  @cr1ckt was on fire in January with 13 ideas submitted and the highest number of posts with 19 and highest number of likes given 53, Congratulations!!!  @RobynLinden had 7 ideas and a very generous 47 likes given to others! @Dan had 5,@christophorce had 4, @vkaul had 3 and the following folks @CantStopTheHopp @ckatzman@pliu@Shevy@mcoblentz@czmudzinski & @collin all submitted 2. There were quote a few more that submitted 1.


Thanks everyone for the great month and congratulations to the leaders in January!!!




Best of December 2015!

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin on ‎01-05-2016 04:59 PM

Greetings and Happy 2016!


We finished 2015 on a very strong note kicking off our inaugural Domo Dojo Day event which was a huge success.


@nalbright made a very strong return to the Dojo with some very impressive numbers in December. 29 posts, 1 Accepted solution, 2 ideas posted, 19 likes received and 164 likes given!!!! Way to go!!!


Honorable mention goes out to@RobynLinden and @nick_datasift who received 25 and 24 likes each.


@vurncsaeturn and @CantStopTheHopp were very productive delivering 2 accepted solutions each and receiving 10 likes during December. Thanks guys!


@Godzilla@MReznick@ckatzman@mcoblentz@GIriarte@ej_jodi_k@czmudzinski and @swyatt all delivered one solution to the Dojo.


We received a number of new ideas in December. Leading the pack was @jasoncox with 5, @GIriarte with 4 and @Dan with 3. The following folks all submitted at least one new idea in December:

 @nalbright@ckatzman@RobynLinden@jporras@chockersmith@newbie@chappy@MReznick@mcoblentz@theCHIVE@SeanPT@magicdust@tpmonahan@pjulius@Zwright_FA@Shevy@bwolf@gomezican@vkaul. Thanks everyone!


Finally, we have a very promising 2016 ahead. We will hold a shorter more focused Domo Dojo Day later this month and will be kicking off shortly a very exciting contest where our customers can share the best of their Domo experiences to win some big prizes. Details coming very soon. 


As always thank you for your great participation!

All the best for a great 2016!







Best of November 2015!

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin ‎12-03-2015 12:07 PM - edited ‎12-03-2015 12:26 PM



November was one of our most engaging months since launching the Dojo and one of the strongest months for any of our community experts.


@Godzilla simply killed it in November delivering 21 posts, 8 accepted solutions, and 11 likes received. He was also generous giving 9 likes! Outstanding performance, Thank you @Godzilla.


Other Dojo members delivering value with at least one solution delivered were @canioacaputo

@RosanneBroersma@SeanPT@jfestejo0614@swyatt@betogess@vurncsaeturn@ckatzman@jporras and @yakepon.


@RosanneBroersma led all members with 18 likes received while @jeaninejiang was right there with 17 likes received. @Godzilla@pratherp@ajohnsonhpsx, and @Dan all received at least 10 likes during November.


@rhowe21 led all members in Ideas submitted with 4 while @pratherp, @nandinirs and @vurncsaeturn submitted more than one idea. Many others also submitted one idea. Thank you!


On the ideas front we are making progress in processing your great ideas with 11 that have been implemented in Domo product and another 14 approved for a future release. 99 are formally under review and more than 100 submitted that are pending review by our product management team.


I want to acknowledge the following folks for earning their green belts during the month of November. Congratulations to @RobynLinden@swyatt@cmarkum@Godzilla and @nalbright.


Finally, we announced our first ever live Q&A event in the Dojo on December 16th. Please mark your calendars and read the details here


December is going to be a great finish to 2015 for all of us.


Thanks again for making the Dojo a special place to connect, collaborate and get answers.








Best of October 2015

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Well now that football season is kicking in to high gear and baseball is done (congrats KC on a great series), it's time to recognize our top contributors for October. 


We are kicking off November with some UI enhancements that I hope will make it easier for everyone to navigate, search and engage in our growing community. In addition we deployed a quite a number of new badges for our members to earn. You can click on your user name to view your own profile page and the badges earned as well as ones you can earn in the future.


@Godzilla took top honors this past month with a dozen posts, 3 accepted solutions, 8 likes given and 16 received, great job!


The following folks all delivered at least one solution  @mhealy@Moccs@rmiller@czmudzin,  @canioacaputo.  Awesome work everyone!


Quite a number or folks were rewarded with many likes, @cmarkum took top honors with 23 while the rest of these community members were greatly appreciated. Thank you@Dan@jeaninejiang@nlombardini@Kung-fu_Panda@RosanneBroersma@swyatt@nick_datasift@RobynLinden and @bwolf


@nalbright returned to the community in a giving mood handing out 26 likes, while @bm357 delivered 20 likes to others and posted 2 new ideas in our ideas exchange.


On the ideas front @Dan@RosanneBroersma@jeaninejiang and @bm357 all submitted multiple ideas this past month many of which were voted up in the form of likes. I am working closely with engineering who has assigned specific leads to each idea that has at least one vote.


We have some exciting things line up in the coming weeks which I will be sharing very soon. 


Thanks again for all of your participation! Please spread the word with your colleagues about the Dojo as a great place to collaborate around Domo!


All the best!



Best of September 2015

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin on ‎10-06-2015 04:26 PM



Another busy month in the books and our Ideas exchange has been garnering a lot of interest.


Leading the month in Ideas submitted are @lovelock@DHargens@Johnf and @cmarkum. Together they submitted a total of 16 new ideas, Thank you!


Thumbs and likes also dominated the ideas board which garnered many votes (equivalent to thumbs up) this month. Leading with likes are @Dan with 21, @cmarkum 15, @Johnf and 1@RosanneBroersma with 12  each, and @RobynLinden with 10! We like this!!!


Honorary mention for multiple likes and or votes received this month goes out to @nlombardini@christophorce@afin@lovelock@pliu@betogess@BrianL@nick_datasift@ckatzman@Godzilla@jfestejo0614@jeaninejiang@Kung-fu_Panda@Shevy@sstergioulas@zmbaker and @melissa.


We had new solutions delivered in September by the following members. Congratulations and thank you to @SeanPT@dbaydina@trawayMMC and @yamas


Finally, we have turned on a VIP board for our top members to date that will allow greater access to Domo and to build out a greater connection in the community. Each of the top 25 received VIP badges and access to the VIP board located here. Please chime in and share your Dojo experiences with us in this board.


If you are not yet a VIP and interested in becoming one feel free to send me a private message by clicking here.


Thank you again for all of the great collaboration in September and let's get October rocking!



Best of August 2015!

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin ‎09-03-2015 05:59 PM - edited ‎09-03-2015 06:02 PM



The summer months are winding down and back to school sessions are kicking in. We had a busy August and some commendable participation in the Dojo.


There were solutions delivered by an number of folks during the month with a big thank you and shout out to @cva@swyatt@milesscott@rebekah,@にしやん@nick_datasift,  @Dan,  @betogess,  @Godzilla  and @nalbright.


@zmbaker had the second highest number of posts (after @nalbright), while delivering 2 new ideas to the ideas exchange.


@gomezican spent the most time on line and gave the second highest number of likes after @nalbright.  


@nick_datasift was the most popular taking the Dojo by storm with 16 likes while @nlombardini gets honorable mention with the second most likes received (7) in August.


@swyatt led the pack with the highest number of posts read.


Finally @Dan contributed the most number of new ideas (3) in August.


We have some exciting plans tied up for September.


Keep up the good conversations and tell your colleagues about the Dojo! 


Thanks again!





Best of July 2015!

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin on ‎08-03-2015 05:44 PM

The Dojo continues to grow and despite the hot weather and summer vacations our top members remain very engaged. Thank you for staying connected!!!


The leaders this month were well distributed so here we go:


@nalbright returned to the top of the charts with the most posts made, highest number of post read and most likes given. NIce work!


Not to be outdone, @RobynLinden was a close second in the above categories while receiving 13 likes and posting the greatest number of new Ideas. Thank you!


Other top posters this month included KY, @Jiro and @Godzilla


We had 10 new customer driven solutions delivered this month from a number of top members including @Godzilla@nalbright@Jiro@nick_datasift@Dan, and KY!


@Dan recieved the most Likes with @nlombardini@RobynLinden@nick_datasift@awakia and KY all in double digits. Wel done folks.


Finally, keep those Ideas coming! @RobynLinden lead this category with strong showing from @RosanneBroersma@nlombardini, and @Dan.


August is upon us, welcome our new and upcoming members and be sure to provide feedback as needed to make the Dojo even better for you.





Best of June 2015!

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin on ‎07-29-2015 02:36 PM

Greetings and apology for the delay in publishing our June blog, July's article will be published next week.


June was an exciting month as we deployed the Japanese section of the Dojo in coordination with a very successful customer event in Tokyo. New member registrations continue to grow and we are seeing strong engagement in the Dojo. This is particularly true in the Ideas exchange where have actively engaged our product management to review and update customer submitted ideas.


Now on to the leaders for June:


@swyatt led the top contributors posting 34 times, delivering 5 accepted solutions, receiving 16 likes and reading the most number of posts!!! Great job swyatt, thank you!!!


The following folks all delivered at least one solution during June, big thank you to @Brian_L, nalbright,KY and にしやん,  @nick_datasift@Godzilla and @rebekah!


@nalbright led the group by giving 24 likes during June. Other top like givers were @Jiro@RobynLinden, KY and にしやん.


Honorable mention goes to @Jiro, Brian_L RobynLinden, nalbright, @betogess and @Dan for posting at least 10 times.


にしやん received 15 likes while giving out 13, while @cmarkum received 11.


Thank you all for the wonderful collaboration in June.


Stay tuned for July's results coming next week.




Best of May 2015!

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin ‎06-04-2015 04:15 PM - edited ‎06-04-2015 04:21 PM



The Dojo Momentum continues to build and we had a number of milestones in May. We deployed Single Sign on from Domo product to simplify the login and registration experience. As a result, we more than doubled the number of new registrations with over 100 new members joining in May. We have also secured dedicated engineering resources from the product management team who are currently reviewing all of the great ideas in our ideas exchange. Look for updates shortly!


Now to the May highlights!


@nalbright took the Dojo by storm leading the way in the following categories:


  • he delivered 3 Accepted Solutions
  • contributed 37 posts
  • gave 41 likes
  • read 577 posts and 
  • spent the most minutes on line 

Congratulations to @nalbright for an awesome May!!!


@swyatt and @RobynLinden were also very active in May and tied for 2nd most likes given with 19 each. They also received 6 and 11 likes respectively. @RobynLinden had 17 posts while @swyatt had 13 posts.


@cmarkum contributed 2 more accepted solutions in May and received the most likes with 16 of any member. 


All of the above continued to contribute at least 1 more idea to the Ideas exchange in May.


Speaking of Ideas @Shevy lead all members with 6 new ideas in the month of May.


Finally @Godzilla delivered another accepted solution, received 8 likes and contributed one new idea during the month of May.


THANK YOU to all of our top performers in May. We have great things planned for June especially the updates to all of the great ideas that have been submitted to date.




Best of the Month April 2015

by Dojo Admin Dojo Admin ‎05-07-2015 11:50 AM - edited ‎10-06-2015 04:05 PM

Greetings and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Best of the Month blog in the Dojo!


We had a exciting kickoff of the Dojo during the Domopalooza conference with 27 customers who successfully completed our workshop and many more who earned a founders badge by registering for the Dojo in the first days after going live. 


Now for the April highlights:


Congratulations to @pliu @RobynLinden @cmarkum and @nalbright for becoming the first customers to earn the Yellow Belt status!


@pliu will receive a badge for posting the first customer post in the Dojo. Pliu has been very active in April having the most customer logins, second most likes received and second most net ideas submitted in the Ideas exchange many of which have received many likes!


@cmarkum had a great month delivering the most accepted solutions (3) and receiving the most likes in the community (43), congratulations! In addition, one of his ideas currently has the most likes with 10.


@RobynLinden has been the most active member in the community in April delivering the most posts (43) and the greatest amount of minutes on line. Robyn also asked the first question in the community that was solved by @cmarkum during our workshop. I later shared this out on Twitter.


@nalbright had a great month with very engaging conversations and the second highest number of posts. He has also given his fellow Dojo members the most likes in April with 49! That's how you say thanks!


Honorable mention to some other customers who delivered solutions in April. Shout out to @Shevy,  @anotherdatageek@ckatzman@rebekah for delivering solutions in April.


Overall we had almost 100 customers join the Dojo in April with several hundred posts made, likes given and more than a dozen solutions delivered.


We are off to a great start and look forward to grow the Dojo and make this a great place for our customers to collaborate, share ideas and knowledge, and connect with one another to create an awesome Domo community.


Thanks again to everyone in the Dojo, I look forward to your feedback on the blog!