Adding "Last Updated" Label to Card

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Adding "Last Updated" Label to Card

Is there a way to add a "Last Updated On....." label to a card?  Our data updates roughly every 2-3 hours and we would like the users to see on the card when the data was last updated.  Example:  Last Updated: 2/14/2020 10:21AM MST




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Re: Adding "Last Updated" Label to Card

A couple options for this. At the bottom of the card, it shows when the dataset was last updated. It looks like this: 


You can also create a beast mode field and make it display in the summary number area. Your beast mode formula would look something like this:

CONCAT('Last run at: ',MAX(`_BATCH_LAST_RUN_`))

And it would display like this:


You could apply some additional date/time functions within your beast mode formula to get it formatted to your preference.

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