Best Practices for Large Financial Reports in Domo

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Best Practices for Large Financial Reports in Domo

I just wanted to propose a question that we are struggling with. I am wondering if there is anything you could do that is more intelligent than the out of the box solutions. Prepping the data in a certain way in an ETL would be an option for this if it would help us with the final user experience. We are trying to get here from raw datasets such as invoice or sales order lines.
Essentially, we have many individual tables like the one below (many more complex) where we need to compare different periods of data to one another across different slices of the business. Could be YoY or QoQ, or could be Actual to Forecast, etc.
In any of these cases, the pivot table chart type works great until we want to involve a calculation such as a difference or variance between years. As soon as we want to do that, we are largely forced to create each individual column as a beast mode and use a Table/Mega Table instead of a pivot. Apart from being time consuming for hundreds of cards, it can also be a bit overwhelming for less savvy users. Do you have any thoughts on this problem?
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Sure, I covered a bunch of Finance tutorials in this series of videos:


They should give many tips on how you can systematically approach financial reporting.


Beyond that, I'd be happy to make myself available in a consultative / mentorship relationship!

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