Can I make this type of scatter chart in Domo

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Can I make this type of scatter chart in Domo


I'm trying to use DOMO to mimic a chart used for tracking driver duty state over a 24 hour period. Basically at any time in the day, the driver may be in a different duty state (driving, sleeping, off duty, etc). These states are predefined. I want to be able to graph a line that represents which duty state the driver is in throughout the day. 

I'm able to mimic this type of chart in Excel by using a scatter plot and just inserting individual series with two different x values with the same y value. Unfortunately, I don't think I can set up a scatter plot with the data in domo in the same kind of way.

I also tried a step chart, which almost works but it doesn't appropriately represent the duration and I can't scale the x-axis accordingly. 

I have attached an example of the excel chart I created, how I the step chart looked in DOMO, and finally an example of what the actual chart should somewhat represent.


I realize this isn't quite the intent of DOMO, but I thought I would give it a try as it would be nice to have these graphs as part of the dashboard and not have to do with an different visualization library.

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