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Can I re-order color rules?

I am attempting to assign cascading color rules to a data set. When the rules are created in the correct order they will cascade as expected. e.g. rule 1 = (if value = true then color = red) rule 2 = (if value = true then color = blue). In this case both are true resulting in a blue color because the 2nd rule returns blue.


However, if I want to add a base rule once the other cascading rules have been created, I am not able to move that rule up the list. It can only be added at the end as the last rule. 


Is there a work around for this that doesnt require re-entering all of my rules?



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Re: Can I re-order color rules?

Hi @kirksteineck


I don't think there is.  You have to recreate them in the order you want.  Like they did with drill paths, I bet Domo eventually lets you reorder color rules, too.  Make sure to put this in the Ideas Exchange.

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