Capture Card Summary data on a schedule

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Capture Card Summary data on a schedule

Hello.  I have a card that is continually counting how many "wigets" meet a certain criteria.  The number changes hourly.  


I'd like to capture that card's Summary number at various intervals (maybe hourly) during the day so I can report on trends. Any easy way to do this?  


Unfortunately the source data changes when it updates so the summary info is not stored for historic viewing at a later date.

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Hi @colinr 


You'd likely want to configure a recursive dataflow with some additional steps to summarize your data before storing it. There's a good writeup in the knowledge base on how to do this. 

MySQL ETL Version:

Magic ETL Version:


If you just want the raw data itself you might want to look into the DataSet Copy connector pull your dataset and set it to append mode (this wouldn't allow you to get the summary number, just the raw data which you could then summarize later - give you more flexibility but takes up more rows)

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