Delete Blank Rows in Table Chart

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Delete Blank Rows in Table Chart



We have a drill down to a table chart. However it is showing rows that are blank and have no data to show. Is there any beast mode or alternative to get rid of this without scrubbing the data down since there are thousands of lines? I have attached an example of the table and what would need to be deleted (everything booked and GM) that has no data. Thanks!

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Re: Delete Blank Rows in Table Chart

I think a different way might be the more proper way but this seemed to work. I recreated your dataset and added an extra one that had data in those last 4 cells


This formula assumes you DO WANT TO SHOW the row when any of the 4 values exist. Create the below Beastmode then use that beastmode as a filter where the criteria is that the field is >=0


WHEN `2016-17 Booked Revs` IS NOT NULL THEN `2016-17 Booked Revs`
WHEN `2016-17 Booked Costs` IS NOT NULL THEN `2016-17 Booked Costs`
WHEN `2016-17 GP` IS NOT NULL THEN `2016-17 GP`
WHEN `2016-17 GM` IS NOT NULL THEN `2016-17 GM`

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