Is there a way to define the series colors on a Lat/Long Map? Beast mode css calculation or other

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Is there a way to define the series colors on a Lat/Long Map? Beast mode css calculation or other

I am trying to use the lat/long map to indicate the status of a facility, therefore the color naturally is interpreted a certain way ( you wouldn't want 'open' to be red.  However I do not see any option to define the color for the series.  Is there a way to accomplish this?  I would also like to be able to hide the size legend if possible as I am using a calculation to make facilities of concern a bit larger but the actual number really doesn't mean anything.



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The new analyzer that is getting released has a lot of new "Color Rules" that you can use to define the colors of each series.  

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It doesn't appear that the color rules in the release are available in Lat/Long Maps.  This has been a difficult limitation to navigate when specific points might be defined by a rating as "Yellow" but the color on the map is blue and cannot be changed.  Please advise.  Thanks!

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Just checking if there have been any solutions for this, I'm running into the same problem. No matter how I order my case statement in the beast mode, it keeps defaulting "Low" to orange colored symbols on the lat/long map. Thanks!




Can you shed some light on this discussion?


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Hello @user04787 @DaniBoy @user05877 @ST_-Superman-_  I love that the color rules work for this now. 


However is there a way to get them to apply to the legend as well?


Thank you


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