Load default Filters whenever we refresh the Page

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Load default Filters whenever we refresh the Page

Hi All,

I have a dashboard with default filters set. When I add few more filters or choose an option from a default filter everything is fine. But when I visit the dashboard after refreshing the page, I see all the filters I had set last time. But I want dashboard to reset to the default filter every time I refresh the page.


Can anyone please help me with this?

Thank you,

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There is functionality coming out in Beta called Filter Views (I believe).  If you have a connection with Josh M or Chris H, ask them about it.  Alternatively, talk to your CSM about getting into the Beta program.

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The filter views settings works great, with one BIG exception. DOMO has designed the customization to be "sticky", meaning that they will remain until you remove them. That is not always ideal...


In one of my use cases, I like that the filters are sticky so that you don't need to re-select each filter every time you come to the page.


In other use cases, it has been problematic that the filters do not reset back to the default you define. The list of values I am setting my defaults on is dynamic, so the option to reset the page each time a user accesses it would be tremendously helpful.  


Read more in the knowledge base: https://knowledge.domo.com/Optimize/Filtering_Data/02Applying_Page-Level_Filters


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