Quick Filter Number Formatting

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Quick Filter Number Formatting

I'm trying to remove the commas from numbers that are 1000+ in my quick filter. I can't for the life of me figure out how!

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Not sure if it's best practice, but Domo is adding the commas since it's formatted as a number. Quick way to fix this is to make a beast mode that is Concat(`numberfield`) and then Domo will view it as Text. 


Sometimes I've had to do Concat(`numberfield`, '') and add a space too. 

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One thing to look out for though is that converting the number to a text field will cause Domo to sort it based on the textual representation and not the numeric number within the field.


For Example (text sorting):







The way to get around the textual sorting issue would be to left pad your numbers with 0s which just causes another display issue of having leading 0s.

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