Removing filters from drill paths


Re: Removing filters from drill paths

Not true.  In my example, the top-level chart plots each department as a line.  The drill down chart plots individual staff members as a line.  Two different groupings.


What I want is that the user can click on the department line and then get a chart that shows them the lines of the staff within that department.

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Re: Removing filters from drill paths

I agree with the main body. What Domo needs is to have the ability to expand data instead of drill (filter) the data. The thing I want to know is why there is no action towards this. It seems like there is a large enough user group here to get traction to this basic function.


@DaniBoy What would it take to get this actually implemented at Domo? I know the idea exchange is a possbility, but I feel like that is just a location Domo likes to send users to make them think their idea is actually considered. @Wolfram 

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Re: Removing filters from drill paths

Hello, three years later!


I am super disappointed that this is still not a feature. After three years? I was designing a dashboard with the design dashboard feature, but it is totally unviable because I cannot control the drill path.


See the image. Each line represents a group of people. I want users to be able to click a line and see the trends for all the individuals. But when you click the line, you only see results for a specific month.


So now my users get to live with the typical dashboard experience, where they still have to deal with this terrible experience of removing a drilldown filter every **bleep** time 

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Re: Removing filters from drill paths

Rather than drilling, you could set this card up on a dashboard and have the interaction apply a filter.  This way you could place another card below this one that would provide individual user trends.  When a user clicks on a group from the top card, it would filter the second card to only the users in that group.

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