Replacind information with images

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Replacind information with images



I am trying to replace the name of the client with their logo in my domo card table, but so far no luck. I tried a beast case calculation but to no avail.

I also created a domo card with their image to see if that helped.

Any help would be appreciated it.


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Hi @gotex 


You can do this with a beast mode and some HTML magic. You'd need to have the URL as part of your dataset (or could conditionally set it in a beast mode but that's not as clean and harder to maintain).


CONCAT('<IMG src="', `URL`, '">')


What beast mode were you using? What issues did you run into? 

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Thanks. I created a domo card with the image  (since I hade them in a folder) and use the scr of that image using the formula suggested in previous post.



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