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Table cards are ugly

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All practicality, no romance. Information-dense, beauty-light. I'm seeing a lot of Dojo posts, including my own, where you are sharing your visuals. More frequently than I'd expected, those visuals are table cards. Does anybody really like table cards? As in, do you find them easy to digest and aesthetically pleasing? Something you're excited to share? Or do we just use them because they are super functional and pragmatic, despite their blandness, and they are an easy crossover from habitual Excel reports? What's your requirements and design process that gets you to the point where you say, "Yep, I better use a table card for that one."? Personally, we get there, I think, because that's what works in many cases (not all) for management. They want to see a grid of many datapoints. So I spend a fair amount of time writing up complex beast modes and/or dataflows to achieve that goal. Percentage of this. Compared to that timeframe. Over or under such and such threshold. I'm rambling here, but I wonder if there isn't a better way. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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