When "Graphing by Week", Can You Start on Monday?

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When "Graphing by Week", Can You Start on Monday?

Is there a way to adjust the first day of the week that's used in a card when you graph daily data by week?  When I graph by week, it shows Week 1, Week 2, Week n, and setting aside the conversation on getting the date to show instead of the week number, is there a way to dicatate the first day of the week that Domo uses for aggregation?  

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Good morning,

I spent some time yesterday and this morning playing around with this and researching the knowledge base and I only came across one potential solution so far. 

You are able to contact your Domo CSM in regards to uploading a fiscal calander in which you can specify what day is the start of the week. Here is the documentation: https://knowledge.domo.com/Visualize/Adding_Cards_to_Domo/KPI_Cards/KPI_Card_Building_Part_2%3A_The_...

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