Yes/No dimension across multiple fields

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Yes/No dimension across multiple fields

I have a SharePoint list that contains over 50 choice columns, all with their possible response limited to [ 'Yes', 'No', 'N/A' ]. Is there a way to use the [ 'Yes', 'No', 'N/A' ] dimension in a card that shows a bunch of these columns at once without having to reference each separate column's value individually? 


Hoping for output something like this...


 YesNo N/A
Column 1541
Column 2910
Column 3550
Column 4190
Column 5280
Column 6442
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Re: Yes/No dimension across multiple fields

It sounds like you need to pivot your data, in which case creating an ETL and using the collapse columns tile should get you what you want. Here is the KB article that discusses it.


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