market share over time with maximum slices

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market share over time with maximum slices



I'm trying to find a card or a way to build a card that shows me our market share over time and our main competitors market share over time (say top 6 competitors) and will group all the other smaller competitors into an "all other competitor category". The pie chart has a nice feature where you can pick your maximum slices and when I change the product category, the top competitors change and so to does the competitors under "all other". I would like to do something similar, just over time.

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There isn't a chart available to allow you to dynamically switch between competitors displayed (and others absorbed into the Other group) over time. The closest you could get would be a 100% area or stacked bar chart but it wouldn't be able to group competitors into an "Other" group if they're not in the top X. If you absolutely need to group them into an "Other" category you'd need to calculate the rank in an ETL prior to using it in a card and then set the name conditionally based on your ranking.

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when the video finishes uploading, here's how you can accomplish your requirement using dataset views.  in the absence of DSVs, you can aggregate your data using Magic or any other ETL tool. 

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