page drill down?

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page drill down?

Hello, I wonder if anyone has some ideas on how to do this:  


I created a campaign dashboard that presents overall campaign performance at high level across all departments.  I wanted to do this: if user click on a campaign, it will bring to another dashboard that shows all detailed KPIs, metrics for this aprticuar campaign. 


Just like a drill down in a card: once you click, it brings you to a new card. 

Thank you.





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Re: page drill down?

What you're looking for is referred to as a Page Analyzer Link (


This will allow you to basically pass the campaign the user clicked on as a filter on to a new page and have the page prefiltered for them so that the new page's cards are all regarding the selected campaign.


Let me know if you have any issues or questions on setting this up.




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Re: page drill down?

@WizardOz I'm working on a campaign dashboard too and have been looking for examples to use as inspiration. Would it be possible for you to share some screenshots of your dashboard? I'm looking to have two levels as well: top level and detailed view.

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