CSV file import via Python DOMO API SDK

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CSV file import via Python DOMO API SDK

Hello, I'm working to get an automated import of a .csv file.

It is currently working using the "datasets.data_import_from_file" under the Datasets module in the DOMO SDK.


The problem I've facing is that this import is performing a replace where I need an append operation.


Is there an APPEND parameter I can add to make this happen? Thank you!


 def datasets(self):
  self.logger.info("\n**** Domo API - DataSet Examples ****\n")
  datasets = self.domo.datasets
  dataset_id = '*******-****-****-****-******'
  csv_file_path = 'C:/Storage/raw_export.csv'
  datasets.data_import_from_file(dataset_id, csv_file_path)
  self.logger.info("Uploaded data from a file to DataSet " + str(dataset_id))



Can someone provide some help with this?

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Did you get any feedback on your question? I have similar need where I want to automatically upload the data in append/replace mode using python. If you managed to solve this problem, i would greatly appreciate if you could share the same. Sorry, I am a bit new to Python and trying to figure out a way to make it work. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, bit late to the party. The method data_import_from_file provides an argument called update_method which takes a value of 'APPEND' or 'REPLACE'. As you've already seen, REPLACE is the default value.


So you want:


data_import_from_file(dataset_id, filepath, update_method='APPEND')



Hope that helps.

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