Connecting to Office365 Exchange Calendar

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Connecting to Office365 Exchange Calendar

I'd like to extract information from our Office365 implementation of Outlook/Exchange, specifically the calendars.


Can the existing Microsoft Exchange connector be used to accomplish this?  It is asking for a URL and I don't know what would make it happy.


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Have you tried using the Microsoft Exchange Connector? 


I'd be interested in finding out if it works for you. At my previous employer, and pre-Domo, I pulled Exchange calendar details of all our employees with MSGraph and then stored them in a SQL database. If this connector can pull the details, this would be a much easier solution.

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I Can't figure out how to get the Exchange connector configured.    It is asking for username, password and URL.  I can't figure out what to use for URL, since we are using Office365.  

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send in a quick support ticket and confirm that the connector is still being updated.  some of the microsoft connectors floating around the domo library aren't always up to date / in use b/c of API changes.  


also just ping your question to support they may be able to point you toward a KB article.

that said, i'd use @MarkSnodgrass ' recommendation.  from my memory, the outlook connectors can be a bit wonky, so pulling from a SQL db minimizes reliance on less frequently used (by domo clients) connectors.

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