Adobe Analytics Metrics Multiplying When Summed

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Adobe Analytics Metrics Multiplying When Summed

Hello, I am working with an Adobe Analytics Custom Report in attempt to show a total number for Purchases and Revenue by Tracking Code. I need a total number for a period of time that spans over the course of about 4 months. The metrics, when summed, are multiplying, which I realize could be an affect of the Date Granularity. However, when I use the Date Granularity of "Day" and select "Aggregate Data by All Time", the values are still multiplying when Summed in a card. What can I do to prevent this from happening? Are there any settings that will allow me to view a total number without it multiplying?

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Re: Adobe Analytics Metrics Multiplying When Summed

This is a tough one. I would try to break it down to only do 1 day with one element to establish a baseline and compare. Slowly increment to 3 days and a week and 2 weeks and so forth to see the difference.  Once everything checks out you can then make an ETL to combine each element to see these results. 

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