Anyone using Google Ad Manager Connector?


Anyone using Google Ad Manager Connector?

I'm able to pull data using the All Networks report but am getting 0 rows of data for anything else.  I've tried specifying an order name/number and left this info blank in hopes of pulling a larger sample.  Neither yielded an error or any data.


Any tips for working with this connector? 

Catherine Hayes
Manager, Business Analytics and Project Operations
The Channel Company
Yellow Belt

Re: Anyone using Google Ad Manager Connector?


This could have something to do with the changes in Googles API, I have included the messaging describing that change below.



Important: Due to Google’s change in allowing Domo connectors to use OAuth authentication, all users must now use service account key authentication to create new data connections. All pre-existing DataSets will continue to run normally. Current Connectors that rely on Google OAuth authentication will no longer be able to power up new DataSets. These connectors include the following:

If you need to change a pre-existing Google OAuth DataSet, please use the corresponding Service Account connector. The following Service Account connectors are now available:

All other equivalent Google Service Account connectors are currently in development. Domo will communicate when these connectors become available. You will need to look for the Service Account equivalent connector in Data Center or the App Store and use that connector to get their data.

Domo recommends that you proactively repower existing Google connections by creating new DataSets utilizing the new Service Account Key connectors as the connectors become available.  Domo will notify you if any further migration changes should arise.  

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