Automate Export and email

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Automate Export and email

Hi, I am trying to automate the process below:


1 - Schedule export with CSV from Card from DOMO

2 - Receive CSV via email

3 - Automatically send the CSV to a virtual inbox which will upload my CRM (Hubspot)


My issue is at step 3 as Gmail does not allow me to set up an automatic forward to a virtual inbox, need validation via clicking on the link.

Do you have any other suggestion to achieve the objective described in the process, it could be an integration, a script, or anything you think can help us (i.e. Dropbox, Box, etc..)


Many Thanks,


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Take a look at


Here's a tutorial going the opposite direction, but the concepts are similar

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Rather than trying to set up automatic forward from your own email, you should be able to add the email address for the virtual inbox to the scheduled report distribution list.

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Is the virtually generated email address from Hubspot? If so, can you access the inbox in any fashion? For example, in Domo, you can change the DataSet-via-Email URL to manipulate it into downloading an email message. There have been several times where I setup a DataSet-via-Email job in Domo where the data source required me to acknowledge an email before it would deliver any scheduled reports to Domo's inbox. I imagine Hubspot my have a similar mechanism if you reach out to their support team. 

Otherwise, Domo has several options to extract data out of Domo to feed into other sources but they are mostly premium features (writeback connectors). If this kind of use case is common or may become more common, then I'd personally recommend standing up a lightweight MySQL/PostgreSQL database instance on the cloud provider of your choice and look into signing up for the MySQL or PostgreSQL writeback connector. Once you have this enabled you can fetch any data you want out of Domo gracefully. We do this for writing back data to our email marketing platform.

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