Data Governance Datasets Joines

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Data Governance Datasets Joines

We need to join the following datasets.


1) Data Governance Card
2) Data Governance Pages and Cards
3) Data Governance Pages and Users
4)Data Governance Users


Can any one help to find out the joining key between them.




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Re: Data Governance Datasets Joines

The name of the dataset implies the granularity.  That said @DataMaven  has seen that not all DomoGovernance datasets have the expected cardinality.  


If I were using a DG dataset, I would enforce a GROUP BY clause to the data BEFORE JOINing it to another table to guarantee granularity.


For Cards and Pages, I would

1) GROUP BY the respective ID columns

2) Remove any columns that violate 3NF ( -- remove columns that are not attributes of the ID column.

3) use FIRST or MAX aggregates to get the text values (like Title or Creation Date).


For Bridge tables (Pages and Cards and Pages and Users)

1) I would GROUP BY the key columns, 

2) remove any descriptive columns, like Title or Description, because those attributes will come from dimensional tables

3) Only keep measures like Share Date.


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