NOAA Public Dataset - General Info for Others


NOAA Public Dataset - General Info for Others

Not a question as I solved it myself through research, but I just wanted to share what I discovered here in case anyone else wants some help with understanding and exploring the NOAA data source provided via the app store Smiley Happy


To start with, the data is very large - 69.57 million rows (~20 minutes to load)

The data you receive has Station Ids (10K values; e.g. "CA1AB000023") and acronyms for key fields such as Observation Type (70 values; e.g. "WDFG"), Measurement (4 values; e.g. "B"), Quality (14 values; e.g. "D") and Source (13 values; e.g. "C"). Also included are columns for Observation Date (range from 12/31/2015 to 12/30/2017), Observation Value (-999 to 96,651), and Observation Time (400-2400) - all together 8 columns provided.


Biggest struggle I encountered was that the NOAA webiste has a lot of different data files on their website which are difficult to understand exactly what they represent. After 1 hour of searching, I finally came acros the right details - understanding what the acronyms represent and latitiude/longitude values for the station Ids.


Please see the attached Excel with tabs for the readme file from NOAA describing the different fields, a tab listing just the "Observation Types" details, and a tab with the Station Id's latitude and longitude values - please note that in the Excel there are more values shown for the observation types and station ids than what is shown within the DOMO file. 

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