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Hi @Randyb , can you provide some more information on how you accomplished this using the Excel plugin?  I've got a massive PDP update project I need to undertake, and this sounds like a great option for us.  Are you exporting a specific dataset into Excel then re-uploading with changes, or something else?





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@rhollander There are a couple of ways you can do this, you can download the excel plugin which then allows you to pull the data down along with the different PDP profiles. You can then build essentially a user list for a specific PDPPolicy and upload it.

Its been awhile since I've had to use it but it does make large scale PDP policy setups fairly easy.
If you need to make changes that don't involve creating PDP policies you can also pull down the entire user list from DOMO in excel format and update access etc in the sheet and then re upload that in bulk. Another quick way to reassign access to entire pages etc.
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@rhollander , take a look at this utility, may help you automate the process

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