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Best Domo use case, story or App

by JenniferFoster ‎01-17-2017 10:38 AM - edited ‎01-17-2017 01:01 PM

I work in Procurement for Anthem, and I in particular, work in our Contingent Labor Program Office.  It is my responsibility to do all of our metrics, reporting, data analytics, etc.  Prior to using DOMO, we used Excel for all of our metric capturing devices throughout the program.  In particular, I am responsible for producing 44 Supplier Score Cards each quarter.  Doing so in Excel adds approximately 80 hours of manual work in addition to my other responsibilities.  I had 10 reports, 72 pivot tables, that I had to change 6 times to get all of our vertical information for the Suppliers, and over 23k manual data entry points!  You can see from the below file, by the time end of year arrived, the data was very hard on the eyes to say the least, and did not do much for trending.  However, the second page (now in DOMO) tells a better story as it adds visualization, you can clearly see where workers are, if goals were met, etc.


By putting all of this in DOMO, I have Beast Modes, ETL, SQL tables, etc., do this all for me - and I have literally saved myself 2 months of work throughout the year that can now be re-directed to other important initiatives, and gives me more time to play with other items in DOMO too!


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