Background Image Custom App

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Background Image Custom App

Hello Dojo Community


I created a custom app with HTML/CSS and uploaded to my Asset Library, but I have a problem


The index.html is supposed to load a background image (path defined in the css file). It loads perfectly fine in the dev instance but it doesn't work when published to Domo


Any ideas why?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Background Image Custom App

Hard to say. It should work just fine. I think it is likely to do with the actual path.


Is it a file that is part of your custom app, or is it external.


If it is external:

Is it a publicly accessible path?

Must you be logged-in to see the image?

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Re: Background Image Custom App



It's not external, it is within my app directory under the img folder.

It's referenced in the css and I tried it in the native HTML and it works fine in the dev instance but not in Domo



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