How to delete rows automatically based on a date in a dataset ?

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How to delete rows automatically based on a date in a dataset ?

I am inserting new rows in a dataset on daily basis, and now the dataset size has became huge since the rows are added daily. I want to delete the rows from this dataset based on date criteria (Dataset has a column type of "date" in it). So the criteria is like I want to maintain rows in dataset for last 30 days. eg assume I updated the dataset today (Nov 25) then dataset should only have rows (Oct 25 - Nov 25) and for tomorrow ie Nov 26 the dataset should have rows in range from (Oct 26 to Nov 26) and all the rows before Oct 26 should get deleted, if exist.

1. Is there a way I can do this? 
2. Is there any API provided by DOMO that can be used to do programmatically?

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Hi @user017486 


I posted an answer to your question here: 

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You probably should not truncate your dataset. (unless we're getting into Billions of rows AND you're confident the data has no value.)  Today you might not want that data, but in five weeks if you change your mind it'll be borderline impossible to recover the data you threw away without reloading it.


I assume you're discarding data because it's cumbersome to handle in Dataflows.


You can use a DataSet View (domo beta feature speak to your CSM) to create a filter based on TODAY(), similar to the recursive query model @GrantSmith is proposing.

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