Providing API access to a 3rd party vendor

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Providing API access to a 3rd party vendor

I created a few data sets for my vendor to import data into.

When he tries to import data, he gets the following error:


Full authentication is required to access this resource


Do I need to make an account for my vendor, in addition to the client id and secret?

Does my vendor need to create the data sets in his own?


When I create data sets, am I the only person that can access them?


I'm very confused as to why my vendor cannot import data into the data sets I created for him.

I've done it before, not sure what is different here.

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I would assume that he needs an account, and it would need to be Editor level.  Was it in Domo that you were able to have a non-user edit data, or another tool?  


Once he's a user, you can grant him 'Can Edit' or 'Co-Owner' access to the dataset.  


If you continue to have issues, send some screenshots of the dataset settings and the resultant errors.  


Good Luck!



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