Welcome to the Domo for Educators Board!

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Welcome to the Domo for Educators Board!


This new Board is THE place to go to post questions and find answers pertaining to the teaching of Domo. 


Domo has a new partnership with Stukent (www.stukent.com) through which a semseter-long course, Data-Driven Decisions with Domo, is offered to interested university faculty worldwide. This course is taught entirely in Domo itself, and is lab-based and very hands-on. Although the Domo instance used for this course (and available for free for universities) comes pre-loaded with Facilitator and Student Guides, visual material, data sets and more, some instructors may have questions about how best to teach concepts, what examples to use, etc., to ensure their students have the best possible experience with Domo.


To that end we have created this Board. Domo University team members will monitor this Board often to ensure questions are answered. We're excited to help you learn how to leverage Domo in your institutions! 


Kind regards,


Domo University.

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