We want your feedback to make Dojo better, prizes to be awarded next week!

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We want your feedback to make Dojo better, prizes to be awarded next week!



For everyone attending the Dojo Award ceremony next week we will be giving away some very cool prizes to those providing us the best feedback on improving the Dojo Community experience. @BenSchein will be making a guest appearance and he has some very innovative items to take your Domo experience to the next level with your teams.


We will have sticky notes and flip charts for those of you who want to do this real time during the Dojo awards. You can also reply to this thread to capture your feedback.


Looking forward to an amazing event!

Safe travels!


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Re: We want your feedback to make Dojo better, prizes to be awarded next week!

I have two suggestions

  1. Create a Dojo Domo instance.  One of the most frustrating things to do when helping people in the Dojo is to try to recreate their data set in my Domo instance.  I think it would be much more convenient for someone to upload a version of their data set to a shared Dojo Domo.  They could then link to it in their post and anyone wanting to offer solutions could literally create a page or card directly from that data set and share the results back in the post.  
  2. Add a Beta section to the Dojo.  I am often times not sure who to contact when I have questions related to a specific beta project.  It would be nice to have a separate section of the Dojo where I could discuss any issues I am seeing with the beta.  Ideally, someone from the beta team would also be monitoring this new section of the Dojo.

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Re: We want your feedback to make Dojo better, prizes to be awarded next week!

1.  Dojo App to make it easy to contribute to the Dojo on the go.  

2.  Enable images to be copied and pasted directly into the comment area (also needed in notebook cards in Domo).  Needing to save screenshots as files, and then upload, takes enough time to be a deterrant at times.  

3.  Along with the Dojo Domo instance that @ST_-Superman-_  suggests, enable users to transition their Dojo ID to that instance when they are between jobs.  I was fortunate to have my own instance of Domo for my startup, but others may find themselves locked out due to a layoff.  The Dojo has been critical to my own survival of last month's layoff.  Without the Dojo, I am sure I would have been curled up with ice cream and television marathons.  Instead, the Domo and Dojo communities have kept me moving forward.  THANK YOU!!!

4.  Make it easier to find one's own posts and posts they are engaged in.  Right now, there are sections with a few recent items.  I just realized TODAY that the title of each of these sections is clickable to get the full list.  Easy fix would be to change the font color to make it look like a live link.  

5.  Bring back friending - I am not sure about others, but I like having the list of folks I like to talk to show up on my profile page.  

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We want your feedback to improve the Dojo Community! If you are coming to the Dojo Award Ceremony next week Click here to learn more!